Yelyzaveta Rakovska

Yelyzaveta Rakovska

Second prize in Harp category goes to Yelyzaveta Rakovska from Ukraine.

Rakovska Yelyzaveta (Liza) was born in Kharkiv in 2003. Her older brother plays a horn, so Liza followed his steps and entered the Kharkiv Secondary Specialized Boarding Music School in 2009. She chose a harp and joined the class of Larisa Klevtsova. Just in three years Liza, guided by her teacher Larisa Klievtsova, won her first competition – International Conference of Harp Art in the Memory of Victoria Poltareva.

Since than Liza has frequently been awarded with prizes in different music competitions both Ukrainian and international ones. Among her latest achievements are the 3rd Prize of Karel Patras Harp Competition in Prague (2017), the awards received in the Nacionalinis Balio Dvariono Pianistu ir Stygininku Konkursas in Kaunas and in the Zagreb Harp Festival and Competition in 2018.

She is also an active participant of numerous festivals held annually all over Ukraine –Visiting Aivazovsky (Feodosia), Music is our common home (Kharkiv), Slobozhansky fantasy festival (Sumy), Visiting Gogol (Mirgorod), just to name a few.

Liza’s wide-ranging repertoire includes pieces for solo performance as well as for performance with symphony orchestras. Liza is currently the student of the 9th form.