Martin Sadílek

Fourteen years old harpist Martin Sadílek received honorable mention in Harp Category.

Martin Sadílek was born in 2005. He began learning to play the harp in 2012 in Jana Střížková’s class at the Šimáčkova Arts Primary School. Under her guidance, he received the 1st prize at the Harp Competition of the Arts Primary Schools of the Czech Republic in 2014 and 2nd place in the Professor Karel Patras International Harp Competition in the following year. In 2016, he was accepted to study in Hana Mullerová’s class at the Grammar School and Music School of the Capital City Prague. In 2017, he received an honorary mention at the Professor Karel Patras International Harp Competition. This year (2018), he participated in the International Youth Music Olympics in Tallinn as the winner of the national round, where he received the silver medal and a special award for his own piece for solo harp. He then performed at the Prague Harp Festival in the autumn. In addition to the harp, he is also involved in choral singing in the Pueri gaudentes boys’ choir, of which he has been a member since 2010.