Trio Illimitato

15. únor 2018

Trio Illimitato from Germany was awarded the 1st price in category Trio.

1st prize in TRIO category

Johanna Schneegans –recorder (*2003)
Matteo Hornig –guitar (*2004)
Arnold Maklezow –accordion (*2003)

It was the joy of music, which led the three young instrumentalists at the music high school Schlossbelvedere in September of the year 2016. In a new phase of life they met together in class. Learn together – why not play together? Trio Illimitato was born!

The unusual instrumental combination enables unusual ways, just without limits. Quasi illimitato. With the mind of young researchers the trio managed to grab not only the classical music, but ventured fearlessly also in experimental fields, as for example with compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Supervised by Prof. Claudia Buder they completed their first competition in 2017. From all three
phases of the competition Jugend musiziert they arose as the first prizewinner. Also in the subsequent competition WESPE in September 2017 they could win a special prize.

For the preparation on Concertino Praga the young three went together for the first time in a professional recording studio. „It is unbelievably exciting and exhausting to be at the limit all the time with full concentration. What a great experience!“

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