Laureates let us in on their thoughts

Dotazníky pro laureáty Concertino Praga 2016

During the visit of this year´s Concertino Praga winners in the Czech Republic, we did not laze about and asked them several questions:

1. What does the win in Concertino Praga mean to you?
2. What was your first reaction after the winners announcement?
3. What are your dreams and plans for the future? How do you imagine your ideal professional career?
4. Is there any place in the world, piece of music or musician you dream to perform with?
5. What are your hobbies besides music?
6. What do you like the most about Concertino Praga and your stay in the Czech Republic?

You can read their answers in the following article.

Liliana Dulanská (Age 17) Slovakia, violin
1) It means a huge success for me! It is also a proof that I do something meaningful. I am very grateful to be awarded.

Liliana Dulanská

2) I was truly surprised and I could not believe it at first. I really did not expect that, only the best musicians can win a prize in an anonymous competition, where you can only impress the jury by the sound. I am so glad the jury appreciated my record.

3) I am currently studying at the Prague Conservatory in prof. Jindřich Pazdera´s class.

After finishing my high school studies I would like to continue at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague or at some university abroad. I dream of bringing people joy by playing and introducing them to the beauties of classical music. I will definitely continue with playing the violin. I will decide whether I will be a soloist, chamber music player or member of an orchestra in the course of time.

4) I have so many favourite places, compositions and people I would like to play with. I guess every violinist, myself included, dream of performing at Carnegie Hall. Every concert hall has its genius loci.

I find open-air concerts, when a square or a park is transformed into a concert venue, very interesting. I have a lot of favourite musical pieces, I would like to play Pančo Vladigerov´s compositions. Although his work is not known very much to the Czech and Slovak audience, this Bulgarian composer is close to me, since my Mum comes from Bulgaria. I would be excited to meet Maxim Vengerov, Ray Chen, Josef Špaček or Hilary Han in person. I would also like to perform on one stage with my professor Mr. Pazdera.

5) Almost everything I do is connected with music. Besides music, I like reading, swimming and outdoors walking.

6) I highly appreciate the experience gained during the studio recording and the South Bohemian festival. Recording in a studio is very different compared to performing live and I am glad I had the opportunity to try that. Concerts in South Bohemia were just beautiful. We became friends with other laureates and we are already looking forward to meeting each other on one stage again.

Pavla Tesařová (Age 17) Czech Republic, violin
1) Concertino Praga is a competition with long tradition, the participation itself can be considered as a success. It is very exacting to learn the demanding obligatory compositions and to present them in the studio. It is a huge success to win this prize and it is also very encouraging.

Pavla Tesařová

2) I was surprised and delighted.

3) There is a variety of options for violinists in both solo and orchestral sphere. I would like to be devoted to violin and improve my musical skills.

4) I guess I will let time decide.

5) I am keen on painting, especially landscape painting and portraits.

6) The competition is valuable for the participants because it gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with the studio recording process and with new Czech compositions. Laureates can visit various places in the Czech Republic, we play in beautiful concert halls and find new friends from abroad.

Elizaveta Kliuchereva (Age 17) Russia, piano
1) It means a lot to me! Concertino Praga competition is very famous and I am so glad that I am a winner of this wonderful competition.

Elizaveta Kliuchereva

2) It was very surprising to me. I was very happy.

3) I want to become a great musician, have a lot of concerts, because I like to play and I want to continue playing. I have never thought about and ideal career. Well, maybe it is when you have concerts all around the world every day and you feel happy about your performances.

4) Sure! The Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory, where I have already played. Rudolfinum – I was so lucky to play there, Carnegie Hall and many others.

5) I like playing football, reading, sometimes I paint. When I have more free time, I call my friends and go for a walk with them.

6) I like everything about it! Beautiful places, architecture, people are very friendly here and I also like the countryside. I am just happy to play here. It is a lovely country, I love Czech Republic!

Arina Pan (Age 16) Russia, piano
1) It means happiness to me! Thanks to winning this prize I got the opportunity to visit the Czech Republic, to perform in beautiful concert halls and to explore a lot of new and interesting things.

Arina Pan

2) It was 10 PM and I thought: „Oh my god!“ I was very happy after the announcement and then I went to practice.

3) It is hard to think about my future. I would love to continue playing, of course. I enjoy performing chamber music with good musicians. During this tour, I managed to play some pieces by Tchaikovsky and Schumann with violoncellist Cornelius Zirbo and it was great. I would like to be both – chamber and solo player.

4) I would like to perform all the cello sonatas by Sergei Prokofiev, Alfred Schnittke and Sergei Rachmaninov. Cornelius might play them with me one day, who knows. I would also like to perform on one stage with my favourite pianist Lukas Geniušas.

5) I read a lot, I love attending concerts, writing poems and cooking. Unfortunately, I do not have much free time, but I always try to find some time to relax.

6) Most of all, I like trdelnik with vanilla ice cream J My dreams came true here – I learned how to play the violoncello. I think the Czech Republic is a very beautiful country.

Cornelius Zirbo (Age 17) Romania, violoncello
1) It is a big reason for joy and a chance to get noticed. At the same time it is a great responsibility, because I represent Romania and the expectations are high (and I would like to thank to Radio Romania and Romanian Musical Channel for selecting me for this competition). It is also a musical life lesson.

Cornelius Zirbo

2) „No way!“ I was very surprised to see myself on the list of winners. Although I worked and practiced very hard for this competition, I had no expectations, because this is a difficult competition. In the end I was happy that the jury appreciated my work.

3) I have no idea. I only want to build a solid present, because if the present is well built, then the future will also be good.

4) As a cellist I dream of playing Dvořák cello concerto with a famous orchestra. I have never dreamt of any particular concert hall, but it should be a large hall, like Rudolfinum.

5) I play tennis, chess, I like reading, jogging and hanging out with my friends.

6) I liked the perfect atmosphere that was created for the laureates, in which we got to know each other very well.

Maria Zaytseva (Age 14) Russia, violoncello
1) It is a new step on my way, amazing experience and a chance to meet many new people.

Maria Zaitseva

2) „Did I really win? You must have been mistaken!“ At first I did not believe it, then I was so happy!

3) I just want to be a musician and meet a lot of other musicians.

4) My (impracticable) dream is meeting violoncellists Jacqueline du Pré, Daniilem Shafranem and a composer Sergei Prokofiev.

5) I like reading.

6) I very much like the concert halls, concerts themselves and the people.