VIDEO: Don’t hesitate to enter your ensemble in Concertino Praga 2018

Chamber ensemble entries are now being accepted in the duo, trio, quartet and quintet categories of the Concerto Praga international music competition for 2018. Entries close on 15th December 2017.

We have interviewed four former laureates in order to give you an idea of how the competition is organised from the point of view of the competitors.

Gabriela Matoušková, the recipient of an honourable mention at the Concertino Praga 2017 in the clarinet category

Concertino Praga 2018
Deadline for entries: December 15, 2017
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Why did Gabriela Matoušková choose the clarinet of all the woodwind instruments, how has she experienced life in the company of this instrument, why did she enter the Concertino Praga competition and what were her impressions of the competition?

Eliška Hejhalová, the recipient of an honourable mention at the Concertino Praga 2017 in the flute category

Eliška Hejhalová views her flute as a friend and a love which helps her to express her personality. She decided to enter the Concertino Praga competition at the very last minute, but she still received an honourable mention. You can find out how she experienced the competition, and more besides, here.

Adam Plšek

Adam Plšek také není na Concertino Praga nováčkem. Poslechněte si, jakou taktiku radí soutěžícím při nahrávání soutěžních skladeb.

Adam Riethof

Pro Adama Riethofa je klarinet dobrý kamarád, se kterým už soutěžil na Concertino Praga celkem třikrát. Pokaždé získal nějakou cenu, naposledy čestné uznání. Poslechněte si, co pro něj bylo při soutěži nejlepší.


  1. 1000 EUR and the recording of a profile CD for the absolute winner
  2. A performance at the laureates’ concert, which will be broadcast live on the Vltava radio station
  3. A concert tour in South Bohemia