Small application guide for Concertino Praga 2020

12. listopad 2019

Many of the Concertino Praga 2020 candidates are currently posting a lot of questions.
Here you can find the answers to some of them.

Should the competition performance be recorded as a whole?

No. Each piece or movement, in the case of works that contain several movements, must be recorded in a single track.

Can I edit the recordings?

No editing will be allowed.

Do the video recordings have to correspond to the audio recordings?

Yes. At the same time as the sound recording, the candidate must also make a video recording.

What are the parameters of the video recordings?

There must be only one camera and its angle has to be fixed. The candidate has to be visible from head to toe at all times, including his/her hands. The video recording can be done by mobile phone, its quality is not important.

When should I submit my application at the latest?

In order to avoid application problems, we recommend that you start uploading all compulsory attachements well on time before the application deadline, which is Sunday, December 15 2019 at midnight.

What are the required attachments application?

The application should be accompanied by:

  1. the recordings of the individual competition pieces
  2. a video recording of the realization of the competition recordings
  3. the competitor’s profile characters
  4. two professional photographs of the competitor
  5. complete sheet music
  6. a copy of the competitor’s passport
  7. the repertoire for the 3rd round of the Competition – at least 2 pieces set for solo instrument and orchestra

How do I submit my compulsory application attachments?

Put all attachments in one file and mark it with your name. Zip the file. After submitting your application, you have the following options:

  1. All attachments are already prepared according to the instructions above, so after submitting the application you can upload them into the window that will open after submitting the application
  2. At the same time, after submitting your application, you will receive an email with a link where you can upload the attachments additionally

If I didn't find the answer to my question; What should I do if I don't know what to do?

That's why I'm here, write me an e-mail to or call. The number is available here.

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