The second round of the Concertino Praga competition will take place with remote judging by the jury

24. březen 2020

At the end of the April, a decision will be made on the four finalists in the Concertino Praga competition who will then perform publicly in September as part of the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival. The originally planned meeting of the international jury in Prague will be replaced with the jury members listening to the recordings and voting from home.

The international Concertino Praga competition will continue according to its published schedule despite the worldwide declaration of a pandemic in association with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The first round of the competition took place in February and the jury listened to 54 received recordings and allowed a total of 25 competitors from 13 countries around the world to advance into the second round.

The meeting of the international jury was originally meant to take place in the Czech Radio building on 22nd and 23rd April. Due to the uncertain development of the situation, however, we have elected to apply an exclusively remote form of judging. This decision is especially based on the international nature of the jury, whereby four of the seven jury members come from abroad.

The anonymous competition recordings will be available to the jury members in full under randomly assigned serial numbers. The jury members will then send their evaluations to the organisers for processing on the planned date. The results will subsequently be validated with the jury members in the following days and the names of all four finalists and the winners of honorary mentions will be announced in the first half of May at the latest.

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