Michael Frischenschlager

Violinist, President of the International Fritz Kreisler Competition

Michael Frischenschlager - President of the International Fritz Kreisler Competition and chancellor emeritus of the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna studied in Salzburg, Cologne, Vienna and Rome with Theodor Müller, André Gertler, Franz Samohyl and Yehudi Menuhin. After valuable orchestral experience (Vienna Soloists, Vienna Philharmonic) and an international performance career, in 1971 he became professor of violin at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where in teaching he discovered the most fullfilling mission of his life.

How was your first encounter with the Concertino Praga competition? 
My first encounter with Concertino Praga happened when I prepared some students for this competition. And I think one of my students once has been successful there. But I can't remember when and who it has been. And once I had the honour to be in the jury, many years ago.

What type of music do you personally like the most? 
I like and love all classical music from the 16th century until our time.

How do you view artistic competitions and the objectivity of the judging of the performances?  
Artistic competitions have a long tradition in the history of European Culture. Objectivity in judging art is impossible. The technical quality of a performance can be judged with relative objectivity, but the judgement of musical expression, artistic personality, and stylistic quality etc. of any performance is mostly subjective.

What do you think about the anonymous method of judging the recordings in comparison with the judging of the live performances?
Thanks to the great technological progress judging recordings of both audio and video performances has become easier and more effective. But the live performance remains always the last and highest criterion of the artistic quality of a performance.

What do you feel is the greatest benefit of music competitions for young musicians? 

There are a lot of benefits of music competitions for young musicians. The most important are the artistic profit and musical progress by preparing intensively the program of the competition and the possibility to judge and understand the own artistic level in this moment comparing it with the other competitors.

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