Curriculum vitaes of prizewinners of the 45th edition of Concertino Praga 2011

Veronika Blachuta

Veronika Blachuta *12.06.1993 in AustriaVeronika began taking flute lessons at the age of twelve. Since 2006 she has been attending the Music School of Johann Sebastian Bach, the class of Professor Sonja Korak. She has also attended master classes under the guidance of Professors Barbara Gisler-Haase, János Bálint, Robert Wolf, Walter Auer and Karina Kandzia-Maniac.

In summer 2009 and 2010 Veronika Blachuta performed with the “Young Vienna Soloists” as a soloist on a concert tour in Japan and China.
National competition “Prima la Musica”
1st prize (2007, 2009)
1st prize – quartet category (2010)
International chamber music competition in the framework of “European Music Festival for Young People” in Belgium
1st prize in quartet category
International Flute Competition (Siradz, Poland)
1st prize (2009)
15th International Petar Konjovic Competition in Belgrad (Serbia)
1st prize (2009)

Yuliana Padalko *02.08.1994 in Russia

Yuliana Padalko

Yuliana started playing the flute at the age of eight. Since 2007 she has been studying at Central Music School College of Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of Professor A. Golyshev. Yuliana has performed in many prestigious concert halls in Moscow and other cities, such as Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg or Vologda. She has played with different symphony orchestras. She performed at concerts in Germany and Switzerland.

International competition “Teacher and Pupil” in Moscow
3rd prize (2003)
The International Television Competition for Young Musicians "The Nutcracker"
2nd prize, title “Silver Nutcracker” (2004)
Competition for Young Musicians of city Bratsk
title “The Pirl of Bratsk” (2006)
Moscow competition of young flutists
1st prize
International competition of masterly performance “Where the Art is Borning” (Krasnodar)
Grand Prix
International festival of children and teenagers arts "Open Europe" (Moscow)
Grand Prix

Matvey Demin *30.06.1993 in Russia

Matvey Demin

Matvey has started his first flute lessons with his grandmother Galina Bulgakova at the age of nine, and then from the year 2004 he attended the Novosibirsk Music School, the class of Nadezhda Furenkova. Since September 2009 he has been in the class of Professor Andrea Lieberknecht at the Music and Theatre Conservatoire in Hanover. He performed concerts with various philharmonic orchestras both in Russia and abroad.

All Russia Woodwinds Competition
1st prize (2005, 2008)
Mravinsky Youth Competition
3rd prize (2006)
Delphic Games of Russia
golden medal (2007)
ARD International Music Competition in Munich
Bärenreiter Urtext Prize (2010)

Ksenia Arsenova *13.6.1996 in Russia

Ksenia Arsenova

Ksenia studies flute at the Moscow Gnesins secondary special music school with Marina Chepurina. She often performs in concerts in various concert halls of Moscow and was on a concert tour in Norway. She participated in concert programmes of Vladimir Spivakov Charity Fund, “Moscow Meets Friends” Festival, “January Nights” festival (2008 – 2010) and the 16th “New Names” Festival (Nizniy Novgorod, 2009).

International TV Competition for Young Musicians “Nut Cracker”
1st prize (2008), children’s jury Member (2009)
“New Russia” Orchestra prize

Barbora Haasová * 08.06.1994 in the Czech Republic

Barbora Haasová

At the age of six, Barbora started playing the piano and at nine the flute in the class of Markéta Kapustová at the Music School Sokolovská in Plzeň. In the year 2009 she left a church school for the Pilsen Conservatory and its flute class of Professor Jana Brejchová. In the year 2010 she passed International master classes at JAMU (Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts) in Brno at Professor Václav Kunt.

National competition of Music Schools
2nd prize (2006, 2009)
Novohrad flute
2nd prize (2008)
Competition of the Pilsen Conservatory
1st prize and absolute winner (2009)

Olga Tikhomirova *14.04.1993 in Russia

Olga Tikhomirova

At the age of five, Olga became a student of the Novosibirsk Music School where she started playing the piano. At the age of eleven she performed together with the Novosibirsk Symphonic Orchestra. After two years of combined studies of the piano and oboe, she chose the oboe for further mastering. Since 2008 she has been a student of the oboe class with Elena Makarova and a member of the Novosibirsk Youth Symphony Orchestra. In September 2010 Olga played with the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra in the Paris Opera.

“Music Ensembles of Siberia” festival of wind and string instruments for young players
2nd prize (2008)
Siberian competition for wind and string musicians
1st prize (2009)
“Ural Fanfares” competition for wind and string musicians
1st prize (2010)

Magdalena Faust *13. 6. 1993 in Germany

Magdalena Faust

From 2004 Magdalena was a student at the Bach Grammar School in Berlin and later accepted to the class of Professor Diethelm Kühn at the Music Conservatoire of Hanns Eisler. She is a member of the “Landesjugendorchester Berlin”, “Bundesjugendorchester” and “Junge Philharmonie Brandenburg”. Performs concerts in Germany and abroad (Malta).

Jugend Musiziert (2010)
absolute winner
special prize by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg kulturradio
special prize donated by the German Pharmacy Chamber

Alexey Vovchenko *13.08.1993 in Uzbekistan

Alexey Vovchenko

Alexey started studying piano with a teacher Dmitriy Verin in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) at the age of ten. In 2008 he entered clarinet class of Professor Evgeniy Petrov in Central Music School (College) of Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory.
Alexey performs in different concert halls in Moscow, in different cities of Russia, Europe and Asia.

All-Russian Competition of Wind and Percussion Instruments
2nd prize (2007)
VII International Competition for Young Musicians "Symphony"
2nd prize (2010)

Blaž Šparovec * 20.04.1994 in Slovenia

Blaž Šparovec

At the age of seven, Blaž started to play clarinet at Music school in Radovljica in a class of Professor Luka Kemperle. He continued his study at Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana where he has been studying in the class of Professor Andrej Zupan. He was invited to join Central Euroepean Initiative Youth Orchestra (CEI) in it's 2010 tours with maestro Uto Ughi.

National and international competitions as a soloist and chamber musician
several prizes
Various competitions (categories of higher age )
4 first, 3 second and 1 third prize
International competition Euritmia
1. cena (2010)

Libor Suchý * 22.11.1994 in the Czech Republic

Libor started to play the clarinet in the year 2000 at the Music School in Hořice in a class of František Uhlík. In the year 2010 he passed entrance examinations at Prague Conservatoire and started studying the clarinet with Professor Milan Polák.

Libor Suchý

Participation at competitions in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany (2010, 2011)

Arseniy Shkaptsov *26.03.1993 in Russia

Arseniy Shkaptsov

Arseniy started his bassoon studying when he was 11 with a teacher Valery Allakhverdian.
In 2006 he entered bassoon class of Professor Stanislav Katenin in Central Music School (College) of Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Arseniy performs in different concert halls in Moscow and in different cities of Russia and Europe. He has an active concert activity with Orel Gubernatorial Symphony Orchestra and International Regions Symphony Orchestra.

All-Russian Woodwinds Performers Competition
2nd prize (2005)
International Competition "Silver Kamerton"
1st prize (2006)
International Competition "New Names"
diploma (2008)

Daniela Statkova *15.03.1993 in Bulgaria

Daniela Statkova

Daniela began playing the piano at the age of six with her mother. She was accepted in Petar Kotzev’s bassoon class at the Lubomir Pipkov National Music School in Sofia at the age of ten.
Daniela has been a member of the Sofia Youth Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Deian Pavlov. She performs in concerts and tours both in Bulgaria and abroad (Italy, France).

Young Virtuosos International Competition
incentive prize (2009)
Varban Varbanov National Competition for Performing Bulgarian Work
1st prize and special award of a mayor of city of Burgas
First National Competition for Woodwind Instrument Performers
incentive diploma
International Radio Competition Concertino Praga
honorable mention in quartet category (2009)

Walter Hofbauer * 22.07.1994 in the Czech Republic

Walter Hofbauer

Walter started to study playing the piano at Music School and at age of eight playing the trumpet in the class of Evžen Mašák. He was attending consulting lessons of Professor Jiří Jaroněk from the year 2005 till September 2009 when he started to study at Prague Conservatoire in his class.

Final round of Music Schools’ competition
playing the trumpet – 1st prize (2006, 2009)
chamber play – 1st prize (2007)
International interpreting competition of brass wind instruments in Brno
1st prize, absolute winner (2005, 2007)
National Radio Competition for Young Musicians Concertino Praga
2nd prize (2008)
Competition of Czech conservatoires and Music high schools
1st prize (2009)
Title “Talent of Vysočina“ in artistic area (2006, 2007, 2009)

Dmitry Krayduba *23.08.1994 in Russia

Dmitry started playing the piano when he was five. Later on, he attended the Lipetsk Music School. At the age of nine, he started there playing the trumpet in a school orchestra. Currently he has been studying at the Moscow Conservatory at the class of Vadim Novikov.

Dmitry Krayduba

Lebedev Russian competition in Lipetsk
1st prize (2005)
International TV competition “Nut Cracker”
diploma (2006)
Festivals for young musicians in Moscow
1st and 2nd prizes (2006, 2008, 2010)
“Prague Star Fall” festival

Dávid Pollák * 21.12.1993 in Slovak Republic

Dávid Pollák

Dávid Pollák started attending the Music School in Holíč, the class of Stanislav Dávid in 2001. In the year 2009 he started attending the Conservatory in Brno and since then he has been studying playing the trumpet in the class of Josef Cecava.

Jan Cikker´s Music Festival for Children in Banská Bystrica
golden band (2005)
Competition of Music Schools of the Slovak Republic – “Nitranská Lutna”
golden band (2007)
Competition of conservatoires in Ostrava
2nd prize (2010)