Curriculum vitaes of prizewinners of the 44th edition of Concertino Praga 2010

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Anastasia Vorotnaya (born March 28, 1995, Togliatti, Russia)Anastasia began studying piano at the age of six at the Togliatti Music Academic Gymnasium, and she won her first Grand Prix at the age of six as well in the Togliatti City Music Competition Young Virtuoso. At the age of nine she moved to Moscow to study in the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatoire where she is a student of the 8th form currently studying piano with Vasiliy Ermakov.Anastasia has participated in a number of competitions for young pianists. She won the Grand Prix of the Muravyova Competition (Samara, 2004) and Mozart wunderkind Competition (Vienna, Austria, 2006) and the First prizes of the Assembly of Arts (Samara, 2002), Talents of the New Age Competition (Moscow, 2003), Young pianists (Moscow, 2007) and Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition (New York, USA, 2008). Anastasia has performed in concerts in the Grand, Minor and Rachmaninov halls of the Moscow Conservatoire and at the Carnegie Hall in New York. She also was on concert tours in Japan, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and in many of the cities and towns of Russia.

Barbora Brabcová
(born August 13, 1994, Tábor, Czech Republic)
Barbora started playing the piano at her age of six at the Oskar Nedbal’s School of Music in Tábor. She attended Alena Papulová’s class and at that time she was awarded a lot of prizes. In the year 2008 she changed the school and started attending prof. Magda Štajnochrová’s class at the B. Jeremiáš’s School of Music in České Budějovice, where she has been studying the first year of conservatoire. In the year 2008 she was awarded the 2nd prize for the best performance of Carl Czerny’s composition at the competition Prague Junior Note and Honourable Mention of the first level at the National Competition of the Music Schools in the Czech Republic. She has already been very successful at the competition Concertino Praga as she was awarded the1st prize last year in the category quartet, along with flutists Anežka Vargová, Zdeňka Hanzliková and Klára Škodová. In June 2009 she was awarded the first prize and the title Absolute winner at the competition Prague Junior Note where she was awarded a Special prize by a jury for extraordinary piano performance. The same year she was also awarded the title “Laureate” at the competition Young Piano of Prague Conservatoire. Her latest success is the 2nd prize at the International Smetana Piano Competition (Pilsen, 2010). Barbora likes singing, playing the flute and composing.


Magdaléna Hrudová
(born June 16, 1994, Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic)
Magdaléna was born in a family of musicians. She started playing the piano at her age of five when she started attending the School of Music in Hradec nad Moravicí in a class of Dana Pešková. In the year 2009 she was accepted to study at the Janáček Conservatory Ostrava in a class of Hana Kundrátová. Magdaléna has been many times awarded. She successfully participated at the competition “Prague Junior Note” where she won 2nd prizes in years 2003, 2004 and 1st prizes in years 2002 and 2006. In the year 2006 she was also awarded the Special prize for performing compositions by D. Scarlatti and J. Vřešťál and the Prize of the Czech Radio 3 – Vltava. In the year 2005 she won 2nd prize in the National Competition of the Music Schools in the Czech Republic. In the year 2009 she won 3rd prize in the competition “Pro Bohemia”.

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Julie Svěcená
(born April 4, 1994, Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic)
Julie is a student of Prague Conservatoire and attends a class of a great violinist and chamber player prof. Dana Vlachová. Julie has already been several times successful at different competitions. Several times she won the competition Pilsner violin and the Josef Muzika’s Violin competition in Nová Paka. In the years 2001, 2005, 2008 she won the National Competition of the Music Schools in the Czech Republic in a category solo violin. What is more, in the year 2008 she received the Price of the mayor of town Liberec for the best performance of a Czech composition. In the years 2004 and 2007 she won the same competition, however in the category chamber ensembles. At the International Competition of Jaroslav Kocian in Ústí nad Orlicí she was awarded four second prizes, two third prizes and this year she won. At the national competition Prague Junior Note 2008 she won the Prize of PhDr. J. Micka for extraordinary performance of a 20th century composition and the Prize of Inter-Podium o.p.s. belonging to each category winners. Julie has performed abroad. Last time she performed in Germany (Opernhaus), Jordan (Amman, Petra). She performs regularly with Czech chamber orchestras – Virtuosi Pragenses and Quattro.
She also co-operated with Zlín and Pilsner Philharmonic orchestras.

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Marianne Di Tomaso
(born March 3, 1994, Montreal, Canada)

Marianne began violin lessons at the age of five at the McGill Conservatory of Music with Luciné Balikian. She was awarded many first prizes, among which Festival de Musique Classique du Bas-Richelieu, Festival de Musique Classique de Montréal, The Lakeshore Chamber Music Society, The Quebec Music Educator’s Association Classical Music Competition, The McGill Conservatory of Music Concerto Competition, and The Canadian Music Competition (CMC). The young violinist is presently pursuing her musical studies at Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal under the guidance of Madame Johanne Arel.
Marianne Di Tomaso gave her first solo recital in June of 2004 and she already performed with many of the major orchestras including the Laval Symphony Orchestra, I Musici De Montreal, Ensemble Amati, Orchestre Symphonique du Conservatoire de Montréal, with numerous leading conductors including Jean‑François
Rivest, James Darling and Yuli Turovsky.
Every summer, Marianne Di Tomaso attends the Camp Musical des Laurentides under the guidance of renowned pedagogue and orchestra director Raymond Dessaints.


Vsevolod Guzov
(born July 23, 1995, Krasnojarsk, Russia)

Vsevolod´s mother is a talented pianist, she graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Conservatoire. His father is an engineer and a great music lover. They both gave the first start of Vsevolod going in for music. At the age of seven Vsevolod became a cello student at a Krasnoyarsk music school. In 2004 the family moved to Moscow for Vsevolod to continue his music studies with a well known music teacher, professor Lev Evgrafov. Vsevolod became a student of the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory where he studies in the 7th grade currently. Vsevolod develops his skills intensively, mastering his playing technique and thoroughly studying the basic classical cello repertoire. He has participated in a number of competitions for young cellists. He won the first prizes of the Moscow music schools students competition, the Knushevitskiy International Competition, the Grand Prix of the International Slavonic Music Festival in Moscow and the Nutcracker International TV Competition. Vsevolod has performed in concerts in various music halls of Moscow playing with the leading symphony orchestras such as the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia (conducted by Mark Gorenstein), the New Russia Orchestra of Yury Bashmet, the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation. He also was on concert tours in Austria, Germany, Israel and Turkey. His repertoire includes the most difficult works for cello: concerts by Haydn, Saint‑Saëns,
Boccherini, Davydov, Elgar and others.

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Hrvoje Hrešć
(born February 12, 1994, Osijek, Croatia)

Hrvoje currently studies with Dobrila Berković-Magdalenić at Elly Bašić Music School in Zagreb. Although he has been playing cello for only six years, he has already won a great number of prizes at international competitions. He won first prizes and special awards at the International Cello Competition “Antonio Janigro” in Poreč, Croatia (2004, 2006 and 2008), International Competition for string players “Rudolf Matz” in Samobor, Croatia (Dubrovnik, 2005, 2006 and 2008). He also won highest prizes at International Competition “Alfredo e Vanda Marcosig” in Gorizia (Italy) and the International cello competition in Liezen (Austria). As a member of chamber ensembles, he won first prizes at Croatian Chamber Music Competitions in the category of cello quartet in 2006 and duo violin and cello in 2008. Hrvoje regularly attends masterclasses with renowned musicians, such as David Grigorian, Silvija Sondeckiene, Nikola Ružević, Giovanni Sollima, Gustavo Tavares and others. After studying cello for only four years, Hrvoje had recitals in Zagreb and Osijek and also played with orchrestras. In May 2009 he had a concert in organization of Croatian Jeunesses Musicales, also in Osijek, Croatia. As one of the best young musicians in Croatia, he was invited to a number of festivals. As the most successful young musician, he won a Prize of the Vladimir Spivakov Foundation at the 18th International festival of young musicians in Kaunas (Lithuania, 2009). He recorded for a national and a local television and took part in different radio programmes.
Hrvoje Hrešć


Veronika Hrdová
(born February 25, 1991, Opava, Czech Republic)

Thanks to Veronika’s musical background she was led to music education since her childhood. At the Václav Kálik’s School of Music in Opava Veronica attended Lenka Lebedová’s guitar class. Veronika participated at several competitions both in solo and chamber playing at a regional or national level with great results. (e.g. 1st place at the competition Vidnava 2005 or 2nd place at a competition in Hradec Králové, 2004, 2005). In the year 2005 she was awarded the 2nd prize at the national competition Prague Junior Note. The following year she successfully past entering exams to the Janáček Conservatory Ostrava to Bohumila Kunzová’s class. Veronika participated at master classes of the International guitar festival in Mikulov (P. Pegoraro, S. Viola, C. Marchione etc.). Veronika is a member of the chamber ensemble KomoraCZECH based in Ostrava, which is very successful at concerts as well as international competitions. (e.g. Zlaté pásmo, Jihlava, 2008).


Gleb Laskin
(born August 7, Voronezh, Russia)

Gleb used to like watching rock concerts on TV and was carried away by the manner of playing of many of the famous rock guitarists. But his mother who is a professional violinist wanted him to play classical music. So at the age of six Gleb became a student of the music college at the Voronezh Academy of Arts and studied classical guitar with Lev Konskiy for 9 years. He liked classical guitar and never regrets about loosing his interest in rock. Having finished the college in Voronezh, Gleb moved to Moscow to study in the Gnesin Academy of Music where he is a student of the 4th course currently studying classical guitar with Anastasia Bardina. Gleb often performs in concerts in various chamber music halls of Moscow. He is a laureate of various competitions for young musicians, such as the Nutcracker International TV Competition, Talents of the New Age and Diverse Faces of Guitar Competitions in Moscow, Virtuosos of Guitar in Saint-Petersburg. He twice participated in the International competition of classical guitar players in Belgorod and won the first prize in 2009.
Stella Maria

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Stella Maria Schletterer
(born January 14, 1992, Innsbruck, Austria)

Stella Maria started playing guitar when she was 6 years old. Her first teacher was her stepfather Johannes Weiss until she became pupil of the music school in Innsbruck in 2000 where she was taught by Robert Spieler. Since 2009 she has been student of María Isabel Siewers at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Stella Maria won her first national competition “Prima la musica“ in Vienna (2004) followed up in Eisenstadt (2006) and Innsbruck (2008).
In 2007 she took part at three international competitions and was finalist in all of them. She won the 2nd prize at the International Anna Amalia Competition for Young Guitarists in Weimar (Germany), was finalist at the International Ligita Guitar Competition in Liechtenstein and won the 1st prize at the international competition for young guitarists Guitartalent in Brno (Czech Republic). In 2009 she was also a prizewinner at the Allegro vivo competition (Horn, Austria). She attended masterclasses with Maximo Diego Pujol, Dale Kavanagh, Alexander Swete, Odair Assad, Carlo Domeniconi, Vladislav Bláha, Konrad Ragossnig, Stefano Palamidessi, Francois Laurent, Gabriel Guillen, Anders Miolin, David Russell and Alvaro Pierri. As a solist Stella Maria Schletterer played with several youth orchestras (Stringendo, Jugendphilharmonie der Musikschule Innsbruck, 2007) and the chamber orchestra InnStrumenti.

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