Concertino Praga 2015 laureate´s biographies - II.

Matyáš Houf, Anna Mimrová, Dominik Velek

Detailed biographies of the 49th Concertino Praga laureates.

Matyáš Houf (baroque flute) / Anna Mimrová (cembalo) / Dominik Velek (violoncello)

Matyáš is learning to play the recorder, having tutorials with Jakub Kydlička at Prague Conservatory. He has attended a primary school of art, studying with Gabriela Krčková and Petr Budín, and now he is studying the trumpet with Zdeněk Šedivý. He has won many awards: at the National Competition of Primary Schools of Art in Kladno, at the International competition Novohradská flétna, at the International Competition for Young Talents, etc.

He has performed with Musica Viva and Musica Bohemica, at Lomnice Summer of Culture (Lomnické kulturní léto) and with the Talich Philharmonia Prague.

Anna is studying the organ at City of Prague Grammar School and Music School. She has won a prize in the district round of the National Competition of Primary Schools of Art and a gold band and jury prize in the finale of the National Competition of Primary Schools of Art. She has performed in Prague, Česká Třebová, Hradec nad Moravicí, Olomouc and in Prague’s Rudolfinum within a series of the Prague Philharmonia’s concerts for children.

Dominik has won many awards: at the Jan Vychytil Cello Competition, at the International Cello Competition in Liezen, at the International Competition Talents for Europe, at the FLAME Competition in France, etc. He has won first prizes in the district and regional rounds of the National Competition of Primary Schools of Art. In 2012 he performed as a cellist on a tour of the USA.

It was Matyáš’s idea to enter the competition. This is what Dominik says about success in music: “In my opinion everybody must learn to ‘sell’ themselves. If you can’t attract people’s attention and if you don’t invite people to your concerts, nobody will know about you no matter how good you are.”

Milla Mihova (piano) / Debora Stefanova (violin) / Momchil Pandev (violoncello)

Milla Mihova, Debora Stefanova, Momchil Pandev

Milla began to play the piano when she was six years old. In 2004 she was admitted to Lyubomir Pipkov National School of Music. She has participated in many national and international competitions: Craiova Piano, M.A.G.I.C., Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte in Ústí nad Labem, etc. She has given numerous concerts, performed at many international festivals and taken part in a recording session for Bulgarian National Radio. She regularly attends master classes.

Debora started to play the piano at the age of five and a year later she took up the violin. In 2013 she was admitted to Lyubomir Pipkov National School of Music in Sofia. She has won many competitions: National Music Competition in Provadia, International Youth Music Competition “Hopes, Talents, Masters” in Albena–Dobrich. She has participated in many international festivals including Musica in Laguna in Chioggia, Italy. She regularly attends master classes.

Momchil began to learn to play the cello when he was six years old. He has won many awards: at an international competition for young virtuosos, at the M.A.G.I.C. International Competition, Whitgift International Music Competition in London, etc. He regularly attends master classes led by renowned musicians. He was given a prize for the youngest ensemble member at an international chamber music competition in Austria.

This is what they say about their participation in the competition: “It was our Professor Daniela Cherpokova’s idea because her Appassionata trio was the overall winner in 2012. When she heard us play, she asked if we wanted to take part. We are really satisfied with the work that we did during the competition and we are happy to see that the jury of experts appreciated it.”

Vilém Vlček (violoncello) / Ondřej Zavadil (piano)

Vilém Vlček, Ondřej Zavadil

Ondřej has been playing the piano since he was five. His first teacher was Jana Grygarová at Harmony Primary School of Art. He is currently studying at City of Prague Grammar School and Music School with piano teacher Libuše Tichá. He also pursues chamber playing and composing. He has participated in many piano competitions: the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition in Budapest, Pro Bohemia, Prague Junior Note, Young Pianist of the North in Newcastle, etc.

In June 2013 he performed with Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Petr Altrichter in Rudolfinum.

Vilém began to play the cello at the age of six. He is studying with Martina and Mirko Štampachs at City of Prague Music School. Besides solo playing he also plays chamber music. He has won awards in the National Competition of Primary Schools of Art and at Talents for Europe in Dolný Kubín, became laureate of Heran Cello Competition and won the EMCY prize in the national round of Concertino Praga. He performs as a soloist of the international symphony orchestra of young musicians, Europera. He has played with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Kaunas Symphony Orchestra and others.

Being successful in such a great competition is very encouraging. I am looking forward to being able to play in very interesting concerts and in interesting concert halls. And, of course, the recording sessions are a really wonderful experience.”