Sofiia Matviienko

Sofiia Matviienko

(*2002, Pereshchepyne)

Honorable mention in the category Flute

I always want to make people's lives more colourful and beautiful through music and music competitions are a great way to challenge and evaluate myself in order to come closer to my dream. I have wished to participate in Concertino since I first heard about it seven years ago and even though the much more experienced and older participants scared me a bit, I am happy that I decided to apply for such an amazing competition!

I especially liked to work on Otmar Mácha's Variations, where I tried to show how the bell tolls for rising and uniting people “because I'm involved in Mankind”, as Hemingway wrote. I am happy that my endeavours have been evaluated so highly, therefore this success will inspire children from small towns to follow their aspirations, in spite of all the difficulties, as I did.Sofiia Matviienko

She showed her interest and talent for arts and music in her early years.

Living in a small rural Ukrainian town, Sofiia has always dreamt of equal conditions for development of children's creative abilities in villages and cities and she works hard for that.

As her teacher lives in another city, most of Sofiia's lessons are held via Skype, but it only strengthens her will to encourage others.

She's decided to become an example for talented children whose chances of achieving success are looming, but realizable if they dream about it.

She is a scholarship holder of Club Rotary Düsseldorf-Schlossturm, participant of many charity concerts and events. She performed at the International Argentinian Festival Iguazú en Concierto 2016. In October 2016 she gave her first recital at the Italian Giovanile Biellese Festival.

She is a winner of the international competitions Severino Gazzelloni 2016 (Italy), Iguazú Audition (Argentina), 12th International Russian Rotary Children Music Competition (Russia) or the television competition for young musicians My Favourite Flute 2016 (Russia).