Andrey Ryazantsev

Andrey Ryazantsev

(*2002, Moscow)

1st Prize in the category Clarinet

At the age of four he started to attend the Dmitri Shostakovich's Children's Music School in Moscow. He continued with his block flute studies in the class of Eduard Cholokian and his piano studies with pedagogue Irina Rodzevich and later with Irina Matveyeva. He is currently a student of Gnessin Moscow Secondary Music School, where he studies the clarinet in the class of professor Anton Prishchepa alongside with piano in the class of professor Anna Arzamanova.

I was very happy to hear that I became the 1st Prize winner. It meant that my dream came true, I will go to Prague! I can imagine how beautiful Prague is. I like to travel all over the world and play at the concerts. I have visited different countries and cities but I have never happened to be in the Czech Republic and I will be very pleased to perform in front of Czech audience. I think about new meetings, Czech listeners' reactions to my performance. This travel will be a big experience for me. I expect to get new impressions, positive emotions and new friends. I would like to please listeners with my performance, to make them understand my feelings when playing this or that music.Andrey Ryazantsev

He is a New Names Charity Foundation, Vladimir Spivakov's Charity Foundation and Government of Moscow's scholarships holder.

Andrey has successfully participated in a number of piano and wind instruments competitions, e. g. the 4th Yuri Dolzhikov Moscow competition for young wind and percussion musicians, the Russian Wind and Percussion Instruments competition in Kazan or the 16th Nutcracker International TV competition.

In 2015, Andrey participated in the Winteravonden aan de Amstel Festival in Amsterdam. He performed as a soloist with Igor Lerman's chamber orchestra, Russian National Orchestra, Gnessin Virtuosos Symphony and with Ryazan Symphony orchestra. He also likes playing in ensemble.