Music Adrenalin

Theodora Kopecká, Adéla Mottlová a Štěpánka Plocková

Czech Republic

Honorable mention in TRIO category

Theodora Kopecká –flute (*2001)
Štěpánka Plocková –cello (*2001)
Adéla Mottlová –piano (*2001)

Theodora has been playing the flute since she was 9. Initially, she studied under the guidance of Marie Škárková, while Professor Václav Kunt has been her teacher at the eight-year Grammar School and Music School in Prague since 2015.

Štěpánka has dedicated herself to playing the violoncello since she was 6. She started as a pupil of Magdalena Duchaňová and then became a student of Professor Miroslav Zicha in 2012.

Adéla is a student at the P. J. Vejvanovský Conservatoire in Kroměříž, where she is in Martina Schulmeisterová’s piano class. She has been playing the piano since she was 4, when her first teacher was Armine Stepanyan.

All three young musicians are connected by the Smetana Arts Primary School in Brno. They have reached high achievements both at home and abroad in solo and chamber playing (the national Arts Primary School competition, PRO BOHEMIA, the Flautiada, the conservatoire competition, Prague Junior Note etc.). Together, they were awarded the 1st prize, the laureate’s title and the absolute winner’s prize at the international Karel Ditters von Dittersdorf and musical classicism competition in Vidnava. They have performed several times as soloists with the Brno Philharmonic within the Mozart’s Children cycle, with Czech Virtuosi and with the Young symphonists of Brno.