The Licence Agreement and the Declaration on the Processing of Personal Data


The Licence Agreement and the Declaration on the Processing of Personal Data

By signing this application, the participant in the CONCERTINO PRAGA competition hereby accepts the competition conditions (hereafter simply referred to as the “Competition”). Furthermore, the signing of this application will constitute the conclusion of an agreement between the participant as the first party and Czech Radio, the competition co-promoter, as the second party. The agreement concluded with the Competition participant also includes the provision of:

- consent and authorisation (licences) to Czech Radio to make a permanent audio or audio-visual recording (hereafter simply referred to as the “Recording”) of the participant’s performance in the Competition and all the performances arising from the Competition Conditions or associated with the Competition (hereafter simply referred to as the “Performance”), to publish the Performance, to include it with any other original works or artistic performances, to include it in a collection of works or performances, to undertake any modifications or editing necessary for the use of the Performance, to use it in both the original and a modified version, in full and in part and to use the Recording in any other way without any temporal, territorial or quantity limitations in a non-exclusive manner, especially:

  • for all means of informing the public of the Performance, including in all forms, using all technical means and for all methods of promotion;
  • for non-commercial use within the framework of the exchange of musical programs in the EBU network;
  • for all methods of informing the public associated with the broadcasting of the Performance live or on tape (especially by Czech Radio, the Academy of Classical Music or Czech Television) or by means of its placement on the internet for viewing or other means of perception, including the option of downloading;
  • for the provision of the Recording to a third party/enabling a third party to make a copy thereof and its further use by said third party (especially the Academy of Classical Music and Czech Television) at the extent of the rights issued to the Competition promoter by the participant. This will be undertaken on the basis of a contract on the provision of a copy/making a copy or a similar contract concluded with the promoter;
  • to process the Recording, edit it and/or include it in another collected work without the additional consent of the Competition participant to undertake any such modifications and to possibly do so without mentioning the participant’s name, but while respecting the Competition participant’s justified interests and doing so in a method which does not reduce the value of the participant’s Performance.

The participant hereby further gives Czech Radio and the Academy of Classical Music permission to use the photographs, which constitute a compulsory part of the application, in any presentations on social networks and in any printed materials associated with the promotion of the competition.

The Competition participant will provide Czech Radio with the aforementioned consent (licences) without any remuneration. The value of the unremunerated Performance has been set at 1000 CZK for accounting purposes. The value of the unremunerated Performance is the usual price, i.e. the amount for which Czech Radio would have received it from the same or a similar performer under the same or different conditions circumstances as of the date of the conclusion of the contract;

The participant is aware that his or her likeness, pictures and visual and audio recordings pertaining to his or her person or to his or her expressions of a personal nature recorded by the promoter in association with the organisation of the Competition and its associated events (for example, during the presentation of the diplomas, at press conferences, at receptions with town mayors, concerts, etc.) (hereafter simply referred to as “Picture”) may be used by the co-promoters of the competition, i.e. Czech Radio and the Academy of Classical Music, for commercial purposes in all communication media regardless of their nature and in all usual ways, with post-editing and with any eventual combination with other works or inclusion in a collected work. The Competition participant hereby provides the promoter with a licence to do so without any material, temporal, quantity or territorial limitations. Czech Radio and the Academy of Classical Music are authorised to provide sub-licences to third parties at the same extent.

The participant is aware of the fact that his or her personal details at the extent set out in this application will be processed by the administrators., Czech Radio and the Academy of Classical Music, for the purposes of vetting his or her participation in the competition, presenting a diploma in the Competition and promoting the Competition and that they will do so for a period of 5 years from the announcement of the Competition results. The legal grounds for the processing of the participants’ personal information can be found in the fulfilment of the contract between the administrator and the participant. The participant’s personal data will be processed using the administrators’ technical equipment and may be published in the media. The participant is entitled to request each administrator to provide information on the processing of his or her personal data. If the participant ascertains or is of the opinion that either of the administrators has processed his or her information in a manner which is at odds with the legal regulations, the participant may request the administrator to provide an explanation and/or request the administrator to eliminate any such incorrect state of affairs. The addresses for communicating with the administrator can be found online at It is possible to bring a complaint against the administrator to the Office for Personal Data Protection. The administrators are Czech Radio, Vinohradská 12, 120 99 Prague 2, Company Registration Number: 45245053 and the Academy of Classical Music, Malostranské nám. 32/37, Nové Město, Prague 1.

If the participant proceeds into the 3rd round, he or she hereby undertakes to participate in the final round which will take place in the form of a public concert with an orchestra as part of the 2020 Antonín Dvořák International Radio Competition for Young Musicians on 12.9.2020. Furthermore, the participant will also participate in the 2020 South Bohemian Concertino Praga Festival held on 14.9. – 20.9.2020. A participant who receives an Honourable Mention and does not proceed into the 3rd round of the competition hereby undertakes to participate at the 2020 South Bohemian Concertino Praga festival held on 14.9. – 20.9.2020;

The participant and his or her legal guardian hereby pledge to adhere to the timetable set by Czech Radio for the preparation of the gala concert, the South Bohemian festival and any other events. An employee of Czech Radio will be responsible for the participants from the Czech Republic throughout the period of the aforementioned events. The legal guardian is permitted to accompany the performer, but the costs arising from this will be met by the legal guardian.