Duo Martinka Gráf

Filip Martinka a Jakub William Gráf

Czech Republic

2nd prize in DUO category, EMCY prize

Jakub William Gráf –cello (*2001)
Filip Martinka –piano (*2001)

Jakub and Filip are students of the Music Grammar School of the Capital city of Prague. Jakub studies in the violoncello class taught by Mirko and Martina Škampa, while Filip studies piano under the guidance of Professor Libuše Tichá.

Jakub is the holder of prizes from the Jan Vychytil Violoncello Competition (1st prize several times), the international Heran violoncello competition (Ústí nad Orlicí, 1st prize 2017) and the international Pro Bohemia competition (Ostrava, 1st prize and the Laureate’s title 2017). As the winner of the 1 st prize and the prize for the Absolute Winner in the Prague Philharmonia’s competition (2016), he performed as the soloist in the C. Saint-Saëns concerto conducted by L. Svárovský.

Filip has received awards in a number of competitions. The most significant include the national Arts Primary School competition (2014, 1st prize), the Broumov Keyboard competition (2016, 1st prize) and the Competitive Showcase of Conservatoires and Music Grammar Schools of the Czech Republic (2016, 1st prize). In 2017, he performed with the violin virtuoso V. Hudeček at the festvial Svátky hudby in Prague.

Jakub and Filip have been playing together since September 2016. In August 2017, they performed as a duo at the Žamberk Harriet Parish festival.